Nirvana Girl


UPDATE 1/17/16: More pictures & several videos were added to the set. She’s actually a Reddit user named grundgesuccubuss94 aka yoloswagmarine. Props to one of our readers who emailed me links to several of her galleries & videos. You’re awesome!

UPDATE 5/12/16: Added a dildo assfucking video to her set, courtesy of the same blog reader. Great job & thanks again, brother! Continue Reading


Former Redditor thatJJgirl aka Sonii Orion


If you’re guessing that her name probably comes from her cup size then you’re absolutely correct. Aside from her aforementioned juicy double J’s, she’s also got a crazy hip-to-waist ratio. Oh & that ass, too! How all those curves fit in her petite Asian frame is as mind-boggling as it is mouth-watering… Continue Reading