How The Sauce is made

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“Sauce” simply means “source”, especially when it comes to porn. For instance, if you see a hot photo on a message board of some naked chick, you ask for “sauce” from whoever posted it originally. Asking for “sauce” means you want more of the said naked chick, be it more photos, videos, GIFs, etc.

More often than not that photo that you fap to of some naked hottie in the dressing room or that video of some chick in a schoolgirl uniform sucking off some dude is part of a bigger set of photos or videos.

Let’s say you found a bunch of pics/videos of a hot chick on a certain amateur porn site. Guess what? The same chick has pics/videos that you haven’t seen on another website. And another website. And another. And so on. What I do on this blog is collect & consolidate all those pics/videos from those various websites, remove all the duplicates & then organize them. The resulting set would be the most complete collection or “sauce” of a certain chick you’ll find anywhere in the internet, all conveniently packed into a compressed folder for everyone to download & fap to. Once in a while I get lucky & stumble upon a complete collection in zip file, but that rarely happens. I also frequently update the sets with new stuff, if any, from the chicks posted on this blog.

Hope you enjoy looking through all the stuff that’s posted here & fap hard!