Broken or dead download links

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Can’t fap because that set you’re trying to download is no longer available? Let me know by commenting on the blog or by Tweeting me & I’ll re-up that motherfucker to our new file hosts, Mega & Mediafire, as quickly as I can.


    • Sorry, but you need to wait for those links to expire if you don’t prefer them. Only then will I upload to Mega.

      • Same problem on this post – http://www.thesauceftw.com/2014/10/cutiejess_12.html – the captcha on the Bigfile link doesn’t work right, and the Mexashare link just freezes on the Cloudflare DDOS protection page forever. This isn’t about links that people “don’t prefer”, it’s that these file hosts simply don’t work right. Why should you wait for them to expire? Just upload working versions on a reliable site like Mega, instead of using 8 different terrible file hosts…

    • Gonna do just that after I look for more recent pics of her & then add it to the set.

    • The download links on that set are still active. If either of them expires then I’ll re-up to Mega.

    • I’ve made the Bigfile link into the mirror then re-upped the main link to Mega. Enjoy!

  1. can you reup the shaolynne to mega or mediafire the bigfile keeps freezing and oboom just going nuts

    • Gotta wait for any of them to expire. Can’t re-up to Mega with the links still active. If you can’t download anything from the current filehosts try disabling your popup blockers temporarily, check your browser settings, etc.

    • You’re in luck, Sam. I just found a big-ass Caela folder in my archives. Will upload this soon.

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