Former Redditor thatJJgirl aka Sonii Orion

If you’re guessing that her name probably comes from her cup size then you’re absolutely correct. Aside from her aforementioned juicy double J’s, she’s also got a crazy hip-to-waist ratio. Oh & that ass, too! How all those curves fit in her petite Asian frame is as mind-boggling as it is mouth-watering. But alas, like so many others before her she quit Reddit & deleted her profile following some drama that ensued after she got called out for being a bitchy, self-absorbed attention whore. To be honest, that’s the dilemma facing all these girls who post nudes on the internet to gain attention: They act like a piece of meat online (in thatJJgirl’s case, a bitchy piece of meat), then whine & complain when they get treated precisely like one.

Preview pics:

Sample video:

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  1. I’m impressed, Yakisoba.
    I was looking for her pics since, don’t know, 2013 when she deleted her account.
    Thank you so much!

    Ps.: that video with her boss (if I do remember wel,, she said that) it’s amazing.

  2. Sadly, the download link is broken. Any way you could upload her stuff again?Thanks!

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