Perfect Amateur Body

UPDATE 1/2/2016: More pictures were found & have been added to the collection!

Sorry, but you might find it a little hard to prove the post title wrong. Make sure you wipe off the drool from your mouth first before you fap.

Preview pics:

Sample video:

DOWNLOAD (65 70 pics & 11 videos, 123.3 Mb) MIRROR LINK

Can’t fap because the sets are either too big or too slow to download? No worries, a premium account will fix all of that!

As always, all photos & videos have been collected from various sources & all duplicates were removed. FAP HARD!


  1. You should start using Mega.co.nz it’s the new Megaupload and provides much faster upload and download speeds. Would definitely attract more users to your site and the uploads are encrypted though I dont think that matters much

  2. I think his priority is to get money from doing this, so I don’t think he’ll handle practical solutions to the downloads.

    • If I do get money out of this, it’s just enough to pay for the hosting & the malware/virus protection.

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