Danielle B. aka Danni Diamond aka Danni Meow

This popular Tumblr girl put her gorgeous figure to good use by working as a bikini barista at a coffee shop somewhere in Seattle. Despite not having any nudes, Danni Meow removed all her pictures & deactivated her social media accounts. According to some people, the possible reasons were:

1. She got pissed that someone photoshopped her pics nude.
2. Her boyfriend found out that she has allegedly been sending nudes to several other guys.

Whatever the reason/s may be, it’s just a damn shame we didn’t get to see her naked ourselves.

Preview pics:

DOWNLOAD (117 pics & 1 GIF, 30.9 Mb) MIRROR LINK

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  1. Damn, she can’t hold her phone straight. I almost injured my neck because of all that tilting.

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