Danielle B. aka Danni Diamond aka Danni Meow

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This popular Tumblr girl put her gorgeous figure to good use by working as a bikini barista at a coffee shop somewhere in Seattle. Despite not having any nudes, Danni Meow removed all her pictures & deactivated her social media accounts. According to some people, the possible reasons were:

1. She got pissed that someone photoshopped her pics nude.
2. Her boyfriend found out that she has allegedly been sending nudes to several other guys.

Whatever the reason/s may be, it’s just a damn shame we didn’t get to see her naked ourselves.

Preview pics:

DOWNLOAD (117 pics & 1 GIF, 30.9 Mb) MIRROR LINK

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  1. Damn, she can’t hold her phone straight. I almost injured my neck because of all that tilting.

  2. She is still putting herself out there. Her Instagram account is phatcatsama and her Snapchat account is Debuneko. She doesn’t do nude, “apparently”.

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