Vicki Li aka vickibaybeee

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Before becoming Ms. H.I.N., Vicki Li was already popular due to having something nice & well-rounded. No, were’re not talking about her personality.

Being a self-described “Foodie”, her Instagram & Twitter accounts were chock full of food pics from the many dining establishments she has visited, which makes you wonder how the hell she keeps a slim figure despite frequently pigging out. Her pictures, GIFs & video clips on this set have been ripped from the same social networking accounts but most of those food pics & other irrelevant stuff weren’t included, mainly because a picture of a juicy, filet mignon will make you hungry instead of horny.

More preview pics:

Sample video clip:

DOWNLOAD (631 pics, 4 GIFs & 54 clips, 122.48 Mb) MIRROR LINK

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