Yulia Kharlamova aka Nordica

You’ve seen her on a demotivational poster somewhere before, but did you also know there’s more of her other non-nude pics out there & that she’s got an interesting & controversial backstory as well? No? Well then gather ’round fappers & listen.

The Backstory:

Yulia Kharlamova (maiden name: Tselínskaya) is not your typical Russian girl. Growing up in what may have been the Russian equivalent of a redneck trailer trash household, she got into NSBM bands like Burzum at an early age & shortly thereafter joined an ultra-right wing white nationalist group where she got her alias “Nordica”. Her name & pictures also often come up whenever there are topics like “Nazi girls you want to bang” on various Nazi online communities.

She joined the army as a paratrooper & that’s where she met her then-husband with whom she had a son. Just recently she was accused of being an agent of the Russian Secret Service & inciting riots to destabilize the Ukrainian government, all of which she has denied.

More preview pics:

DOWNLOAD (615 pics & 4 vids, 111.97 Mb) MIRROR LINK

As always, all photos & videos have been collected from various sources & all duplicates were removed. FAP HARD!


  1. Holly shit impressive story, +A research seriously. I’d fuck this girl so hard everyday untill she becomes socialist too

  2. Image her as a cum target in the bukkake party in army where she is attending. :) I guess she’s having good times there.

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