babs aka voldie aka throwaway4theday515

The Backstory:

She was another alumni of 4chan’s /soc/ board & first became popular when she started posting nudes in one of the Small-Mediam-Average (sma) threads that regularly get created there. She got the name “babs” from being initially named “Barbara Gordon” because of the Batman hat she was wearing in some of her pics.
She quit posting for a few months after allegedly being found out by her boyfriend & when she returned she was given the name “voldie”. Aside from 4chan she also posted in Reddit under the name “throwaway4theday515” & has admitted to allegedly sucking a dog’s dick on Skype for a guy she just met twice. Real fucking classy, huh? Her Reddit account has since been deleted & she has also completely stopped posting. For now.

More preview pics:

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