Shaolynne – “La Libertine”

lib·er·tine (noun) ˈli-bər-tēn 1. usually disparaging: a freethinker especially in religious matters 2. a person who is unrestrained by convention or morality; specifically: one leading a dissolute life

The Backstory:

Once upon a time there was a French swinger/exhibitionist named Shaolynne who, for several years, has posted hundreds upon hundreds of pictures of her sexual exploits in her now-defunct website (and subsequent Tumblr page). The stuff she posted were so amazing it looked like premium content from a porn site, but surprisingly they were all free! I mean, if sharing pictures of herself being a complete fucking slut & getting plowed by different guys is her idea of public service then who are we to object, right?

More preview pics:


Judging from the pics this whore may have been a fucking beast in bed & loved doing it all from anal to lesbian sex to double penetrations & gangbangs with unrestrained carnality. She could probably fuck your brains out six ways from Sunday & still give you a foot massage afterwards.



Although her website has been inactive for some time & God knows what she’s up to nowadays, her pics have been collected & will ensure her legacy of sexual debauchery will live on.


DOWNLOAD (2,552 pics, 173.6 Mb) MIRROR LINK

Can’t fap because the sets are either too big or too slow to download? No worries, a Pro account will fix all of that!

As always, all photos & videos have been collected from various sources & all duplicates were removed. FAP HARD!


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