Sexy blonde walking on the street with her friends creep video

Ok so I’ll be posting something not porn for a change, but it’s by no means any less boner inducing since I’m pretty sure your imagination will totally run wild with this one. Judging by how close this candid video of this sexy blonde was taken, it was either one of her friends or a good ninja assassin-level creeper who took it.


Video screencap:

DOWNLOAD VIDEO (.AVI | 1280×1280 | 0:12:57 | 562 Mb) MIRROR LINK

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  1. hell yeah, do an miss_alice post!

    bllaazee would also be awesome, there are a couple of vids of her at the motherless homepage, but hardly any pictures!


    @posted video: feel totally sorry for the friendzoned guy that tries to kiss this chick @2:40

  2. read your twitter message, but i don’t want to join twitter at all – please do the missalice_94 post! thanks mate!

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