Thick girls – Chey P. aka Monimusume from Tumblr

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‘Sup fappers? Despite being busy the past several days I’ve still managed to fulfill a request from one of our Twitter followers, although it took a month for me to do so. Hey, better late than never, right? This is actually the very first request I received so I scoured the interwebs far & wide to find & collect all the good stuff that I can from this chick while making sure to meet your high quality standards in terms fap material. She’s one of Tumblr’s most popular thick girls. She also loves anime, playing JRPGs & listening to J-pop as much as she loves showing off her big boobies. Basically, every weeb’s wet dream come true.

For more thick girls you can fap to, be sure to check out more of our hot amateur porn collection. As always, all photos & videos have been collected from various sources & all duplicates were removed. FAP HARD!


  1. Hey Yakisoba, didn’t know how to contact you, but I found this site from a watermark on a picture I saw on facebook of this really cute asian chick in her bathroom with bunny ears on. I searched your whole site and can’t find the rest of them.. Is there any way I can email you the picture and see if you still have the collection somewhere??? maybe its an old one from your older site…

  2. I’m trying to download the material but the website says it’s not available

  3. hey, is there anyway you could make a torrent for this? the browser download is taking forever

    not that i’m not grateful!

  4. From one dumper to another, you have my respect, and my thanks.
    (Obligatory, “And my axe!”)

  5. She moved her tumblr and I can’t find it anymore, can you try and help me track it down for more content?

  6. Hey, Yakisoba, I see that both of the download links are down, could you please fix them?

    Also, many sites have file size download restrictions for free users, so could it be possible to split the .rar to multiple, maybe under 200mb files? You can do that easily with winrar, just choose all the files and/or folders you want to add, right click ‘add to archive’, and choose from the bottom ‘split to volumes, sizes’.

    I also checked https://mega.co.nz/ they have 50gb free storage, much faster download speed, and you can make account in few seconds, you can use http://10minutemail.com/ to register, if you want multiple accounts, or not to use your personal e-mail, uploading multiple files is super easy, if you just choose multiple files for upload, the will be added to upload queue.

    • It’s actually thesauceftw. Sorry about that. Password has been corrected.

  7. For the love of god upload this shit somewhere else. uploaded.net speeds are insufferable.

  8. the hosts are fucking garbage. the download cant even get through due to fucking popups and mirror is just an error of blocked ip the downloading cannot be even started. PLEASE just use a different host bro that ppl can actually slowly download on mobile, (and no ad blocker apps dont help)

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