Kittens from 4chan’s /soc/ board

Despite being one of those hot nude girls with a boy’s haircut, she still has a carefree & innocent femininity which makes her so kawaii even when slutty. Out of all the hot attention-seeking amateurs girls the internet has to offer, Kittens is probably the one you would most likely fall in love with. I swear, she’ll make it BIG if she ever decides to go into porn & she’d probably be the only chick whose DVD’s I’d gladly spend my hard-earned money on.

More preview pics:

A few GIFs:

hot nude girls kittens from 4chan oops

hot nude girls kittens from 4chan pew pew

hot nude girls kittens from 4chan wannabe contortionist

hot nude girls kittens from 4chan peak a boo

Sample video:

DOWNLOAD (819 pics, 206 GIFs & 11 videos, 2.9 Gb) MIRROR LINK COMING SOON

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  1. The site you uploaded it onto won’t let me download without joining because of the file size and it also tried uploading a virus to my PC.

    • All file hosts would have certain file size limits users could download & until the user creates an account with them these limits won’t get removed. Don’t know about the virus part though, but I can assure you that I NEVER upload anything which has a virus/malware on it. Besides, before using the new file host I checked them out first & found them to be safe: http://www.scamvoid.com/check/fileom.com.

      Regardless, I still reported your issue to their support people & they said that they’ll look into it.

      • The easiest way to distribute files without having to deal with shitty hosts is to put it up as a torrent. You can pack the files up yourself, distribute as the source until 2-3 downloaders have full copies, then take it off your torrent list (to stop sending data), and the new full copies would act as hosts.

    • I’m not blaming you for the virus/malware that attempted to download itself onto my PC. These sorts of file share sites tend to have something on them that’s harmful to a PC no matter what their rating is. Same with torrent sites.

      Since there is a file size limit why not just split this into separate downloads so the limit doesn’t become an issue? One or two files for videos and another for the photos and Gifs? This way we can download them easier without any complications from the site it’s hosted on. Plus it would cut down on download time for people just interested in the videos and not the photos and vice versa.

  2. Can you upload it on another hoster like uploaded.net ? fileom.com require premium account to download this file…

    • That’s what I’ve been trying to do for a couple of days now, but the upload cuts off midway. I’ll keep trying though.

  3. yeah i registered and it still doesn’t let me dl it great find though thanks bro

  4. Hey, can you please upload the videos individually and the pictures as a pack? Thanks

  5. The problem persists, i think you must upload the files in different parts :/

    • You may need to check your firewall, popup blockers, proxy settings, etc. Besides, other people can download the files. Like what I have already mentioned before, uploading the file into different parts is not an option for me.

  6. Can’t download from both sites because file size is to big to download for free user :(.. I don’t want to make accounts to download a file (although that won’t help I think, they both bitch file size is to big..). Hopefully you can upload it to depositfiles or something, that’s the only one that’s kinda fast to me and no fuzz. Also getting that virus from that site.. Deam, following this site from the beginning and this looks like another great set! Hopefully you can work things out.

  7. She is fucking gorgeous and it’s killing me that I can’t download her stuff. Please just thise once, upload it in parts. I want it all so much. é___è

    • Thank you very much. All your efforts are greatly appreciated. You’re the best. Let’s hope it all goes well this time :).

  8. Still, even with the new site, cannot download the file. Became a member which still wont let me download it as the max download is only 2gb.
    Maybe the best option is to split it into 2

  9. “This file exceeds the max. filesize which can be downloaded by free users. If you still want to download this file, we advise you to buy a premium product.”

    New site, same problem. Please just split the files up and post the smaller size files on the new site.

  10. Download File kittens_819pics_206GIFs_11vids_thesauceftw.rar
    Filename: kittens_819pics_206GIFs_11vids_thesauceftw.rar
    Size: 2.9 GB (3127639205 bytes) Report abuse
    Description: Link related: http://www.thesauceftw.com/2014/06/kittens-from-4chans-soc-board.html

    You can download files up to 2100 Mb only.
    Upgrade your account to download bigger files.

    So basically the sites are trying to force us to join in order to get this set. Please just split the set up into two or three files. I’m begging you to do this. I am dying to see all the photos, Gifs and videos of this girl.

  11. Yeah, where’s the depositfiles link? I been checking this post everyday for it :(…

    • Is there some chance that you try to dig out who is she and if she has more videos or pictures? Those perfectly shaped breasts are worth it i guess. I tryed by taking screecaps fron that video and did reverse google image search but failed.

  12. Hopefully…I’m just waiting,it would be a waste to join paying 19.99 for a file.

  13. Dude come on already and post the smaller files of this chick. You’re fucking killing us.

  14. ive been looking for her pics for a long time…. sucks i cant get em because file size is too big

  15. This probably has one of the most loaded comments section as of late. That has to say something for getting this stuff on a more accessible download site…

  16. Thanks for posting these, I love looking at little girls who look like little boys, especially little elfish girls like this with short hair.

  17. Bro, an alternative dowload link would be great since fileom no longer works and the other needs premium. Thanks in advance!

  18. 38th comment and counting on an alternative link that 95% of people can access. Has anyone other than the Admin have this?

  19. Just a little bit more patience on that mirror link, guys. Uploading files more than 2 Gb is pretty much hit-or-miss on my crappy internet & most of the time it’s a miss.

  20. its 2015 for fucks sake, and ppl still dont know how to properly split rar into multiple files for share sights. geez.

    • This whole site is an obvious way of the owner getting free ul.to account by getting referrals.
      he won’t post mirrors for popular files because that means less money

  21. So, I really want to download this set but I can’t do so because I don’t have a premium account on uploaded.net. As I don’t really want to pay for this set lol.. Does anybody have it elsewhere? It’s too big to download as a free user.

  22. will this one ever come back up? somewhere where we can actually download it?

    • No
      this website is run by a shitwit who gains commission for every uploaded.net user he refers

  23. would it kill you to use split rars on gator or ul, or maybe just use mega?

  24. I want to smell this stupid whore’s shit ass. It’s very apparent to me that this cock sucking whore does no respect herself; therefore her ass smells like rotten shit. I happen to love and adore cunts with a blatant disregard for personal hygiene.

  25. Man, love you and all but seriously. Why can’t you pick a site that doesn’t make you pay? The whole reason any of us use your site is cause we want free porn. So making us pay kinda defeats the whole purpose.

    • Well, in my hurry to share fap material it’s possible that I might have posted someone else’s boobies that looked similar to kittens’. Regardless, those are great boobies & whoever owns them should be proud!

  26. I cannot download the Uploaded dot net file and the rapidgator linkis broken. Fix this pls :(

    • having an issue buying a premium account on the link..
      please make a mirror with other trusted filehosting where buying premium is easy..

  27. the mirror is still down xC, and I can’t seem to get premium for the main one

  28. could you please split the rar into 3 or 4 pieces and upload it to a better host

  29. don’t know if anyone else is still waiting for the mirror, but it’d be great if it was re upped

  30. I’m really wanting this. Will it ever be uploaded to mega? I appreciate all you’ve done so far.

  31. The main link says that the file is no longer available :/ also no mirror link!

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