There are hot chicks and there are RIDICULOUSLY HOT chicks and I think she fits the latter description. You wouldn’t be able to keep yourself from fapping while you watch this fertility goddess slather oil all over her big yummy titties before doing a sexy little dance number, or envy the lucky motherfucker whose dick she gets to suck. Like this guy, for instance:


Oh yeah, he also gets to stick it in her too!

More sample video screencaps below:


Videos include her dancing & stripping as well as various cocksucking & sex videos. Just click the magic link below to download!

DOWNLOAD (14 videos, 1.39 Gb) MIRROR LINK

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As always, all photos & videos have been collected from various sources & all duplicates were removed. FAP HARD!


  1. she work very hard,not need to make her this,if wanna see her videos and her shows go to her on mfc.,not here

    • Yeah it must be really hard work to suck cock & have sex on cam, but how do you know if these videos were from MFC & not some other site if they don’t have any watermarks? Besides, most of these were downloaded off xvideos & pretty much all her stuff can either be viewed or downloaded from a million other sites. I just gather them all up & zip them, so kindly direct all your complaints to the websites I got her videos from. Thanks!

    • Both the primary & mirror links are still active. If any one of them expires then I’ll re-up to Mega.

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