Naked redheads – The totally fappable puddems aka gingerpuss

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If there was one naked amateur redhead who could be the standard by which all other naked redheads will be measured, it’s definitely puddems. This epic redhead’s legend began on 4chan’s /soc/ board. After the male population over there have turned their collective dicks raw from fapping to her, she moved on to Reddit & posted under the name “gingerpuss”. Since then even more dicks have turned raw & stores have reported record-breaking sales of Vaseline Kleenex.

What’s probably frustrating for her “fans” is that some lucky bastard gets to do things to her that they can only fantasize about, like how someone gets to stretch out her asshole with his cock. That particular video is included in the set, FYI.

Like any other camwhore, puddems also gets off at the thought of strangers furiously masturbating to her & tries to make some quick cash off of her “stardom” by selling shit from pics to her used sex toys & panties online. With her face all over the interwebs it’s amazing that some obsessed neckbeard basement dweller hasn’t dox’d her yet. Not that I’m implying that someone needs to dox her ASAP, but if some “expert” out there needs a challenge then they don’t need to look any further. Just saying.

More preview pics:

hot amateur redhead hot amateur redhead hot amateur redhead hot amateur redhead

hot amateur redhead hot amateur redhead hot amateur redhead

hot amateur redhead hot amateur redhead hot amateur redhead

hot amateur redhead hot amateur redhead hot amateur redhead

Rar file includes all her old & more recent pics. All duplicates removed as always.

Aside from the anal video, other videos include her riding a dildo as well as the epic blowjob & swallow video, among others. Queen of amateur naked redheads? Arguably yeah. This blog’s Hall of Famer? Most definitely!

More sample video screencaps:

DOWNLOAD (39 GIFs, 836 pics & 15 videos, 3.04 Gb) MIRROR LINK

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the best amateur porn you can find anywhere. As always, all photos & videos have been collected from various sources & all duplicates were removed. FAP HARD!


  1. Great job as always, didn’t know that there so many videos of here out there! Thanks!

  2. Deam, my dreamgirl.. In all the history of the internet, this has te be the most sexy amateur out there I’ve come across, a true classic!

  3. Could the newer files be placed in a separate link? 3 GB for a dozen new pics = Ehhh.

  4. Hello !

    Can you split the rar into like 4 parts ? Can’t DL a 3Go file :(

    Thx for all !

  5. can’t anyone upload it to torrentz? Hate having to pay for a download.

  6. it says the file is too big for free users. maybe geet a different sitee. depositfiles and the uploaded hardly ever work. its so rare i can just click and download with no problems

  7. Geeesus balls. Can’t you people just spend a fiver for the best redhead nudes online? Are you that poor that you can’t even afford amateur porn? Step your masturbation game up, gammas.

  8. We really need another way to download. We are geting the message that the file is too big and can’t be downloaded by normal users, only premium… :(

  9. can anyone ulpoad to another storage service? Uploaded SUCK because it’s fucking slow and you can’t download the file because it is too big -.-

  10. The problem with thesauceftw is and always has been that the owner/admin/mods never seem to do even the most basic minimal work in taking all of 20 seconds to re-upload what they full well know ahead of time will be a downed link within days.

    That’s why thesauceftw sucks and nobody should come here or drive any traffic to them–ever. Just count the number of requests for a re-up here, or in virtually any other thread–literally almost every single post. You register, you buy premium, and I’ve literally even donated bitcoins, albeit not thousands of dollars, but still thesauceftw guy never listens yet thinks it’s ok to run a website like this just chocked full of downed links. After my second time of buying another $70 premium and three donations later, I am done. The links are always down and the owner purposely doesn’t care and won’t lift a finger to deliver on what he advertises. That’s called fraud given the money taken in through ads, traffic, donations, premium memberships, etc. Outright fraud. Someone should sue him.

    Really a scam artist if you ask me.

    • First & foremost, I would like to apologize if some links become inactive after a couple of weeks & it’s taking too long to re-upload them. Should I be re-uploading stuff at a faster pace/should I be posting more frequently? Definitely yes, but there’s this thing called “real life” that I have to deal with on a daily basis, plus I’m not online 24/7 & I this blog is more of a hobby.

      My last file host deleted all my stuff without any warnings or notifications despite having already purchased permanent storage space from them, so If you feel you’ve been ripped off or think I’m some kind of “scam artist”, well I’ve got news for you, bud.

      I have recently started re-uploading all the deleted stuff with the mirror links to be re-upped at a later time, albeit a slow process, but it’s getting done. Again, I’m not online all the time & I choose NOT to be. Am I getting any money from this blog? Sure, but it’s just enough to pay for the domain & web hosting plus the antivirus/malware protection so that nobody could just hack in this site & infect whoever comes here with viruses or malware.

      Don’t fault this “scam artist” for spending a little extra because he gives a shit about his visitors.

  11. if that is the problem then, no need to worry’m more hagusto knowing that resubiras


    No one ever suggested you abandon all of life to maintain this website, but your lame excuse that you “have a life” is evasive of the issue and pure misdirection. It’s also just about the biggest scape goat anyone who ever ran a blog ever had. The fact is that you own and operate a website, and like most you disingenuously claim you are barely making enough to pay for it. That’s bs and we all know it. You appear to not only be a fraudster, but also an outright liar.
    Let’s examine the facts:
    1. You (purposely) upload only to bigfile.to, which requires a subscription to become a premium member to download from (minimally $13 for a lousy 30 days, and cost-effectively $70 for a year). Bigfile.to is waaaay overpriced, but then you knew that. You knew that because you are making money off of your uploads (of other people’s content, by the way–not yours) as bigfile.to pays you. In fact you even add a link on top of the upload link (when it ever works) on top of all that to directly to becoming a bigfile.to premium member (thus, reselling again for them). Fact: YOU make money off of these links, very deceptively, and again not even through your own content but in stealing somebody else’s. Then bigfile.to keeps the links up for all of 2 minutes (on purpose) so that they SAVE money on their end (make more for their pockets) by saving on bandwidth. Thus, people who frequent your websites get screwed, and you know this full well. It’s why you have no incentive to re-up and we all know what is going on. You are a scammer. Period.
    2. You never seem to upload to the mirror links–again, on purpose–and leave them as “coming soon” forever so people will keep coming back for your scam and eventually give in and pay bigfile.to which in turn pays you.
    2. Your traffic counts are 695,805 globally (though declining rapidly for obvious reasons), and about half of that is from the U.S. (277,351). Assuming even half of the users here subscribe to your other website, bigfile.to, and at even the lowest tier $13, that means revenue from your users is $9,045,465. That’s 9 million dollars. If I am off by even a factor of ten in subscribers (I doubt it based on a ton of data for your type of website), that still 5% conversion and nearly a million dollars in pure gravy revenue.
    3. You disingenuously state, “Am I getting any money from this blog? Sure, but it’s just enough to pay for the domain & web hosting plus the antivirus/malware protection so that nobody could just hack in this site & infect whoever comes here with viruses or malware.” That’s pure deceit, and from a notorious scammer (you). Everybody knows that literally anyone off the street can buy a domain for almost nothing now (.com’s are $0.99 cents for year 1 at godaddy.com right now, and go up to a whopping $14.99 in year 2). Website hosting for website with under a million viewers (yours) is literally around $2-$3/month (ehost.com, ipage.com, bluehost.com, web.com (50 cents, btw), justhost, etc.). The anti-virus/malware you pretend is another expense is again pure fabrication (from a scammer). Every single host provides this absolutely free. In fact, I know of none that upsells to clients for supposed “extra protection”. FYI, such extra-protection doesn’t exist. No type of software at a website html level can protect against hackers. Further, you claim this is to protect your users and that too is a lie because your users have absolutely no exposure in a download unless they are imbeciles running .exe files. The protection isn’t even yours, it’s to your host, which is precisely why every host provides it automatically. If the hosts servers get infected, it is a problem for them–not for you, and certainly not for your users.
    4. Your IPv6 registration to 8636-8692 NW 120th St, Potwin, KS 6712, to the address of Malcom Leland (a sculptor), and the con artists known as “Sandra Miller” (look it up), speaks volumes as to what you are doing.

    tl;dr the sauceftw.com is run by a scam artists defrauding you all with other people’s content

    You only have a legitimate argument if you keep active upload mirrors to subscription-free sites, otherwise, you are just operating a scheme to defraud.

    • To address your points:

      1. Bigfile.to allows for free downloads without the need to sign up for a premium account, albeit at slower speeds, for both registered & anonymous users. After you’ve exceeded the download file size limit, it’s only then that you’ll be asked to either sign up for a premium account or wait for a certain amount of time before you can download again. This is pretty much the business model for most file hosts out there & to say that you can only download files if you buy a premium account is not only dishonest, but also shows that you are clueless. Also, why so upset that I make money off of other peoples’ content, when sites like Xhamster & Motherless do the same thing?

      Sure, whatever I post her may not be mine, but I put in the effort to search other sites for any missing pics/videos of a set that I get my hands on. You found a bunch of pics/videos of a hot chick on a certain amateur porn site? Guess what? The same chick has pics/videos that you haven’t seen on another website. And another website. And another. You get the point. What I do is collect & consolidate all those pics/videos from those different websites, remove all duplicates, organize them & voila! You now have the most complete set you will ever find anywhere of the said hot chick that you can download & fap to. It’s a way of differentiating my site from those million other similar websites out there.

      2. Whoever said that I won’t be uploading those mirrors ever? I figured that I can cover more ground a lot faster if I just re-upload the primary link first for those sets that got deleted. Sometimes, uploading files take a LOT longer than they’re supposed to, so can you blame me if I want to save time?

      2.1. I’m earning $9 million? Wow man I wish that were true so I can quit my day job & do this shit full time but alas, your math is waaaaayy off. For my current file host (& pretty much all file hosts for that matter), there are 3 kinds of users: Anonymous, Registered & Premium. Unfortunately, almost all of my visitors prefer to download files anonymously which sucks for me.

      3. My current domain plan is $35.85/yr & my current hosting plan is $9.95/mo. for 3 mos. Unfortunately, whatever website protection my hosting company had didn’t work since I got hacked/infected several times. I brought that up with them, so they offered me the services of one of their partners, a renowned website protection company, but it their cheapest plan would cost up to $100/mo. Fuck that. So I went with another company which offered the same service but with a more affordable price of $199.99/year.

      Now that you’re aware of my expenditures, do the math. That’s where pretty much whatever this website’s earnings go to.

      4. Wrong information.

      Please take note that I DO NOT have to justify myself to you or to anyone, so I hope I was able to address your concerns because it’s the 1st & last time that I’ll be doing so.

      Have a good day, sir.

  13. Hey, sorry if I missed a post or something, but what is this new decryption key thing on mega? Are the keys posted? Or is that a premium thing?

  14. Hey Yakisoba, don’t you know that you have the obligation to provide anyone who visits your site with free and easily downloaded porn? It is my right to get things my way or I’ll write a fucking text wall explaining why.

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