Layne from 4chan’s /soc/ board (aka Laynielayne from Reddit)

Hey, fappers! This will be the first in a 3-part series of blog posts involving two resident exhibitionists from Reddit & 4chan’s /soc/ board, namely Layne & SluttySlutSlut. We’ll start with the former.
Layne is arguably one of the hottest & more popular camwhores from those aforementioned websites & this is her ultimate goddamn fucking be-all & end-all collection. With that tight body of hers she has no qualms about getting naked & brings a camera wherever she goes so she can film herself at every opportunity.

More preview pics:

Here’s a sample video:

Sample video screencaps:


Be warned though, this is the biggest file I’ve uploaded so far but I guarantee that the wait will be very much worth it.

DOWNLOAD (1,914 pics, 108 GIFs, 44 vids & 3 audio files, 7.24 Gb)

Can’t fap because the sets are either too big or too slow to download? No worries, a Pro account will fix all of that! Mirror link coming soon. FAP HARD!


  1. Any way to post this in parts like one rar is just videos, another is just pictures, etc… Would be helpful instead of waiting more than fifty hours to download the the whole file.

    • I like to keep all pictures, videos, etc. of a certain set together as much as possible. Besides,this set is already from a big-ass file which I already divided into 3 parts.

    • I’m finding that the file is so large, the download takes quite a while and seems to drop out – not sure if it’s DepositFiles or me.

      As Lightning said, some split rars would be good, or even a torrent.

  2. Great post, my friend. But would make a torrent? 7GB in depositfiles is complicated. Thank you.

  3. yes 4GB and depositfiles says error encountered….you should put upload as torrents…allows pause and stuff

  4. Hands down the best girl ever. WOW. Love her and all this.

    Anyone have links to her reddit or 4chan accounts?

  5. Any chance of getting this re-uploaded man? I’ve been looking for this girl everywhere. She’s so fucking hot like

  6. she looks gorgeous but the server says that the file doesn’t exist, can you reupload by torrent? please.

  7. man, please, make a torrent file of this girl. i would do it if i had the file to save you some time. please please please? :)

  8. Please, reup this on MEGA now that you are using it so we freebies can download :) we need some good fapping i reckon ;)

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