Krissi Pookie aka The Holocauster

There are attention whores & then there are those who take it to the next level. This self-proclaimed National Socialist (aka neo-Nazi racist, anti-Semitic twat) became somewhat of an internet celebrity not only because of her big tits & petite frame, but also because of her extreme political views. So extreme, in fact, that Tumblr banned her original blog. I’m not really sure if she actually believes in that kind of ideology or just desperately looking for attention, but one thing I’m sure of is that with a body like hers she’s the type fit to be bred only by the blondest & whitest of Aryan males.
Although some people would like nothing more than seeing her get gang-raped by a bunch of black dudes, at the end of the day she’s just another camwhore who could easily be talked into sticking a Sharpie up her anus provided a decent number of people are watching. There’s probably one thing she & I can both agree on & it’s that feminism is a bunch of crap.

More preview pics

DOWNLOAD (589 pics, 54 GIFs & 11 40 videos, 2.05 Gb) MIRROR LINK COMING SOON  

Can't fap because the sets are either too big or too slow to download? No worries, a Pro Account will fix all of that! Her pictures & videos have been collected from several different sources. Duplicate pics have been removed & there were also several pics I brightened up a bit.


  1. Yes it is possible to lick your elbow.
    It is also funny to watch people trying to do it if you claim it is impossible.

    See video title “I don’t even know”

  2. She is stupid. I mean, like second-grader stupid. And like most neo-Nazis, she can’t back up her bullshit. On every one of her moronic videos, you have commenters mindlessly extol her just b/c she wears a push up bra and a low cut top, and bitch knows it.
    On top of that, her body isn’t even all that great. Only decent trait about her are her tits (ass is nonexistent, face could be alright if she could put away those idiotic piercings).

    • She’s not a Neo-Nazi….From where do you get your information? The post above^? If so, if it said that she also can breathe underwater and has friends that dance on heads of pins would that ring true as well? Not a single “Nazi” thing is said in any of her videos, besides her saying that she’s not racist (oops, lol) and not to mention, aren’t you kind of being a bit of an -ist?

    • Dude, do you even just look at her pics? She shaved her pubic hars to form a svastika and she seems to be a proud Hitler’s fan… What do you need to call her a nazi?

    • Yeah she uploaded some new vids on her youtube channel. I’ll probably also look for some more of her pics which aren’t in the .rar file yet. I can’t promise when I’ll be able to update the file, so you just have to stay tuned!

  3. She sounds bipolar dumber than a box of rocks may have big tits but they are fucking ugly

  4. does anyone know her cup size? methinks she wears push-up bras because whenever she does have a shirt on, her breasts look fuller and bigger. she’s no way near hot enough to put aside her reactionary, speshul snowflake beliefs.

  5. I’m taking a poll, which is smarter krissi pookie or a pile of dog shit.

  6. who cares what she thinks. she has the body of a 15 year old, but with great tits. she looks like jail bait but isnt and thats good for everyone.

  7. could you make a torrent for this? it would be shared around quicker AND we wouldnt have ot worry about that download limit

  8. I went to High School with her. Never talked to her though. She really was an anti-semantic, neo-nazi twat. Tits were nice though.

    • I heard she’s part wetback so she can’t be a neo-nazi. She can talk like one, maybe she wants to be FUCKED like a wetback WHORE!!

    • new link requires premium subscription to upload.net… can you upload to a free location?

  9. Waiting for that mirror link! Are there nude videos in the pack? This girl is as hot as she is annoying.

  10. PLEASE ADD MIRROR! I Can’t download this :/ (maybe consider a torrent file?)

  11. Please re-up a FREE mirror. I am IN LOVE with this crazy bitch! Thanks!

  12. In the end, I managed to download. Apart from a few porn fotos rest of the plain is a crap. I do not recommend – identical photos can be found on torrents

  13. There is a video with win that exists out there, not just the gifs. I wish I knew how to find it, but I did see it once.

  14. So, think that mythical mirror will show up this year? Current link is worthless since you’d have to pay.

  15. she has mygirlfundvideos now. admin, if you can get your hands on them pls post.

  16. So who actually paid to downloaded her pictures. If you had can you post a mirror to them. I would like to download this but no one so far cares to upload a proper link.

  17. Is this site dead because their has been no update on a mirror kink for Krissi since 2014.

  18. I don’t get how the download works, everytime I try to download, I get a file called dhl. If someone figures this out they should make a torrent for it, that’s just so much simpler.

    • Both download links are still active. Gotta wait for either one of them to expire before I re-up to Mega.

  19. The file is corrupted, only able to extract 37 videos and that is it, no pics or gifs at all.

    • Also, are the videos included she now makes on mygirlfund or how it’s called?

  20. Oboom link is down, and can’t download stuff from bigfile.to larger than 2GB

  21. “neo-Nazi racist, anti-Semitic twat”

    Who the fuck are you to judge?

  22. please re-up to mega, oboom does not work and bigfile does not let me download for free for files larger than 2gb

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