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UPDATE 2/28/13: As of today, that blog seems to have been deleted again by Google. Sorry, Russian guy. Google probably hates cheap imitations too.

UPDATE 10/31/13: Old blog got unbanned after the 120 day(?) grace period & I have reclaimed it. Fuck yes.
Remember the old blog that got nuked? Well, some Russian guy apparently liked it too much that he hijacked it & is posting some of my old sets. Here’s the link just to give you some LOLs.
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. To whoever hijacked the old blog, let me just tell you that you are not an unoriginal piece of shit loser contrary to what people may think of you after reading this. I think you’re just a misunderstood fan of the old blog who just wants to make a name for himself, so don’t feel bad. Here’s some jizzed on amateur tits for you. If you noticed it’s not watermarked, so you can put your own cute little “The Sauce FTW” watermark on it before you repost it.

Sexy Asian Amateur


  1. Well…that’s interesting. You see, just yesterday, I’ve found that old thesauceftw.blogspot is up again and I was all like “OMG YOU’RE ALIVE! THAT’S CUM-FUCKING-TASTIC!!”
    And today I’ve searched again and the blog was down…AND THEN I’ve found this site.
    And this post.
    Anyways, thanks for continuing to do this, mad kudos to you. I mean, if that’s, uh, “the real” you…if not, well, thanks anyways, this blog rocks.

    • Thanks for your support. Who knows, after the 60-day(?) grace period the guy would re-activate it & claim it again as his own, but you know where the REAL SAUCE is at, don’t you? :)

  2. Any chance you can repost that smoking hot american blonde posing on her bed in heels nude…and bikini on the beach? <3 anon

    • Not sure what you’re referring to, but if it was already posted on the old blog then I will probably repost it here. Stay tuned!

  3. Any chance you can repost that blonde girl in the hotel room? The one thats about 19 and probably british?

    • Not sure what you’re referring to, bud. I’ve got tons of blonde amateurs in hotels, but like what I said if it was on the old blog there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll repost it here.

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