Manizha Faraday – the chick whose blouse gets unbuttoned while inside a speeding car

UPDATE 1/16/2016: Set re-upped, with MORE pics added!

How was everyone’s New Year’s celebration? Hope all of you had fun. So there was this one time when I saw a video shared in Facebook showing a chick whose blouse gets unbuttoned while riding shotgun in a Toyota Supra race car, exposing her luscious cleavage. The chick was smoking hot, so naturally I did some further investigation & found out that she is a Russian model named Manizha Faraday. I also found out that the video I saw wasn’t the full version. The full video fully exposes her boobies after her blouse gets totally unbuttoned. Well, that’s one way of getting a chick naked.

Preview pics:

DOWNLOAD THE .RAR (93 249 pics & 2 videos, 184.41 Mb) MIRROR LINK

Set includes a shit ton of pics & 2 videos, including the full version of the infamous Toyota drift video. Belated Happy New Year, Fappers!


  1. Yakisoba do you have a direct way of message I just have a question about 1 of the galleries please respond

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